What is the Best Single Wall Aluminum Softball Bats

what-is-the-best-single-softball-batAluminum bats can be made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloys. They’re also made with single wall and double wall barrels. Aluminum bats have used better mixes of alloys to achieve a stronger and thinner bat wall. .

Currently, the bat design and overall higher quality of strength materials used in making such aluminum bats made the bats better in all aspects.

The high quality materials used and the modern design made the aluminum bats lighter and thus players could achieve greater speeds whenever they hit the ball! Thinner barrel walls also made the bats achieve a trampoline effect, making the batted balls soar with a greater distance!

Often times single-walled aluminum bats tend to have higher bending stiffness. This would mean that it would have a stinging sensation. Thus more often, aluminum bats usually have a thick and comfy padding on the grip along the handle which really reduces the pain from the stinging sensation!

Aluminum bats feel more balanced in the batter’s hands because its weight distribution is more even and controllable, this is why aluminum bats are known for an easier swing weight!

But then again, aluminum bats are known to dent over time, but despite this, it really still is durable and it’s going to take a while to pretty much have a dent on your bat!

And if you don’t know what swing weight means, it means “This describes the ease in controlling the swing, and whether it feels balanced or end-loaded (often referred to as “top heavy”).

Miken IZZY

Miken IZZY is one hell of a psycho bat! Why? Well here’s why!

This slowpitch softball bat has a one piece design and end-loaded weight scheme with a really stiff handle suited for everyone especially the power hitters! The time that we tried this baby on, it really lived up to its name, one of our power hitters swung it for the first time and man the ball just kept flying on and on!

So you could be asking “what makes it so special?”, it’s just that this bat is certified to be a 100 Comp one-piece with the latest 750X HPI trademark technology! Basically this means that this Bat would really be a psycho in the field but if you really want to know the meaning of these stuff then here it goes! (Don’t worry, our researchers already did the researching for you!)
100 Comp essentially means: The Miken’s legendary performance and durability.

Miken Izzy  the approval stamp of USSSA, NSA and ISA so feel free to use it! All in all, this is really a great bat for you, whether you’re a hardcore power hitter or just a casual hitter, this bat will surely make you say “WOW”!


The COMBAT MAXFP210 is a great bat for everyone! This bat is made with 100% composite material and a 1-Piece Design, a guarantee that you would feel and play like a pro!

This bat is made with Precision Molding Technology, Variable Stiffness Profile, Seamless Construction and Handle Isolation Technology! And seriously, the time that we tested this bat, we were witnesses to the brand new technology that made us feel like a true pro when we swung this bat!

The incredible design combined with the new Handle Isolation Technology ensures the best quality of gaming you can have! Even after all those hits that you’d be making throughout your games, your hand would still be good as new because you would feel really less sting because of the dampening effect that reduces the vibrations of the bat whenever the bat hits the ball, which means that your hand would just be the same from start to finish!

The best part of it all, we really saw that this bat performs really well without sacrificing anything in return! You can expect a really great feel whenever you’re batting, a really good grip when you’re holding it, a really good swing whenever you’re swinging it and you can really be sure this bat would be durable for a really long time for you to use because of the material and design it has!

So if you want a bat that has a really large sweet spot, a really nice grip, a really nice feel with a guarantee that it would really give you that maximum trampoline effect while really reducing the sting, then you should really choose the COMBAT MAXPF210!

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