Where is Online Snowboard Lessons

The Internet is an amazingly versatile learning tool. You can find out how to do anything from build a house to play a guitar. So it comes as no surprise that we look to the internet hoping to find tips and information on how to improve our riding.

We’ve all looked to the Internet for trick tips or lessons at some point… so now you’ve seen all of the things in TWSnow’s trick-tip section, you’ve checked out all of the you-tube videos on “snowboard tips” and you’ve been taken to sites that blatantly demonstrate they probably don’t know what they are talking about.

Some of these may have proved helpful but probably not as much as you had hoped; snowboarding isn’t something just anybody can explain.

How do you know you are getting the right instruction from a truly qualified professional?

I’m going to spare you that headache. Stop your search now and just click to SnowboardAddiction.com.

Professional snowboarder and snowboard coach Nev Lapwood has the only truly legitimate online product that will properly illustrate the techniques and lessons to step up your riding.

Nev is a fully qualified snowboard coach having achieved certifications as a CASI level 1, 2, 3 and Course Evaluator in addition to being certified as a CSF Freestyle Coach. He coaches for several big name camps and instructor schools including the famous Camp of Champions summer snowboard camp.

I have been in touch with Nev and SnowboardAddiction since I started this website and I have watched his program evolve and grow. It was awesome one year ago when SnowboardAddiction offered complete and comprehensive instructional packages for both new riders looking to begin the sport and freestyle riders aiming to improve their game.

Now SnowboardAddiction offers the same packages in a variety of formats (DVD, iPod ready video, audio, and written manuals) with tons of bonuses including tuning tips and way to prep mentally and physically before attempting a progressive trick. Some packages now also include phone and webcam sessions with Nev, where you can show him your videos and photos for custom tips on improving your style and fine tuning your technique.

On top of all of that SnowboardAddiction has also launched a winter camp up in Whistler B.C., Canada for people who want to get the same stellar training hands on.

Did I mention lessons are now available in both regular and goofy? You won’t have to spend your time trying to mirror someone who’s natural stance is opposite yours. Here is the video above shot goofy:

My experience with this program got me to view my approach for progression in snowboarding in a whole new light.

In fact, the best thing I got out of it was not the new tricks but a new mindset. Anything in snowboarding is possible now because thanks to Nev’s insights I understand more about how to break down tricks, analyzing movements and using visualization to get over anxieties and produce results.