Get on Shred Union!

December is here already!

From coast to coast, most of the United States is tasting finally the fresh stuff. Gear is being taken out of storage and dusted off; calendars are examined as folks begin checking off the days they will snowboard this winter.


In preparation for getting turns this season some of us struggle with finding equipment, some of us struggle to find enough heads to make accommodations affordable and some of us struggle with just finding a ride to our local mountain.


You aren’t trying to start trivial arguments with teenie-boppers or hitch a ride with unlicensed 13 year old kids, so the snowboarding forums aren’t going to help you. Where can you go to meet some like-minded shredders?

Why not create a profile on

Shred Union is a growing social media network for snowboarders. Think about Facebook or MySpace if you deleted everything and everyone except for snowboarders and things snowboard related…that’s Shred Union.

Creating a profile gives you a snowboarding space all your own. Post pictures of your exploits and keep a journal of where you’ve ridden and when. Let users know what setup you are rocking this winter; meet up with riders by adding your local resort hangout. Gain access to countless user-submitted reviews on anything from the best terrain parks, to the friendliest snowboard shops, to the warmest first layers.


The crew over at Shred Union is top-notch. They are working with a ton of user-input to constantly improve the site. New and current members have a lot of new features to look forward to, like the ability to upload and rate your snowboard videos.

This site also has an entertaining forum to chat with other riders. The majority of posts are engaging and at least somewhat relevant to what’s happening in snowboarding today. If you like to talk snowboarding a little deeper than who was “first” to comment on a post, there are definitely more stimulating conversations going on at Shred Union.

Starting a profile doesn’t cost a dime and right now they are giving away weekly prize packs, so this is your chance to get even more out of signing up. If you’ve got a couple seconds to spare head over to and create your account; “In Riders We Trust”!

When to Buy, Where to Save – Boots, Goggles, Outerwear and Snowboard Bindings

Summer is nearing its end and now we make our transition into season-standby mode. Fall is almost like purgatory for shredders. The temperatures start dropping and each day we wake up hoping that guns are blowing.

You can almost feel the season in the weather, but knowing its so close but yet so far away is pure agony. That’s why, with most companies now stocking the 09/10 stuff and making huge markdowns on leftover 08/09 products, this is as good a time as ever to start shopping around for gear.


Unfortunately with the economy having been so down, scrounging up precious cash for snowboard gear can be tough; so how can you make the most of every dollar? To save the most money you have to know what you absolutely need to purchase, so the first step is taking a general inventory of your gear.


Your boots are a good place to start. Snowboard boots usually receive the most wear out of any other piece of snowboarding equipment (unless you jib rocks). Even if your boots show no signs of physical wear, try to think back to your last ride… if they felt incredibly loose or non-supportive than your liners may be shot and boots should be your first “Need to Purchase” item.

Expect to spend the most money on your boots for two reasons: your boots are the most important factor in board control and should not be skimped on, and boots are 150% about fit… so if the boot that fits you the best is a brand new 09/10 model retailing at over $300 you are out of luck savings wise.

Another thing you need to tack on to the cost of new boots if you use them is the price of custom orthodics. This can range from $30 to $150 depending on your needs (if you don’t use orthodics and ride near or over 30 days a year, they come highly recommended). Note because boots must be purchased by fit, your best bet is to head to your local shop and try some on.

If you purchase online be prepared; you will either have to buy several boots in several sizes at once or be willing to play a very long game of receive and return (though at least there are several [link]guides to point you in the right direction). It’s a good idea to purchase your boots first as they are part of determining your binding and board choices.

Goggles, gloves and outerwear

The next pieces of gear you should inspect are your goggles, gloves and outerwear. Your board may be delaminating, your bindings may be completely stripped of all padding, but if you are freezing and can’t see a damn thing you can be sure those factors above all else will be the end of your day.

Check your outerwear for tears or abrasions and replace anything likely to have lost it’s waterproofing / warmth capabilities. The good news is outerwear is more or less the same year to year, only styles change, so here is a good place to hunt down gems from seasons past.

It is not that difficult to find a legit outerwear setup, pants and jacket, for under $150. If money is an issue, consider sewing a waterproof fabric over any tears and give your outerwear a coat of spray-on waterproofer; this will also give you a unique patchy snowboard-hobo style if that’s a route you are interested in pursuing.

Check your goggles for any rips or separations between the plastic and the foam padding. If you find any than your goggles need replacing. Goggles are another fairly unchanging piece of equipment, so here is another good place to take advantage of older models. Obviously, if your lenses are severely scratched than you should invest in replacing them (unless the cost of the lens = the cost of new pair).

Gloves are another almost guaranteed replacement for 30 or more day-a-year riders. Most of the popular glove styles really aren’t made to last very long. Check your glove for rips or heavy abrasions around the fingertips, palm and thumb. If money is an issue than duct tape may be your only solution; if you don’t find any rips or holes than give you glove a quick coat of spray-on waterproofer

anyway to prolong its life. Again, gloves change more in style than anything else, so you can buy up older models and save a ton of cash.

Snowboard Bindings

This is one of the equipment important for you. May be you confuse in finding the best snowboard bindings. Don’t worry you just access You will find types that you are looking for.

Snowboarders Don’t Workout – The Importance of Fitness

Snowsports are most commonly associated with relaxing vacations, or for the younger generations as party central. Since the ideal day of riding for most is capped with an alcoholic beverage and a few hours in a jacuzzi, it is hard to see snowboarding as a sport that you necessarily “train” for.

Yet, snowboarding is an immensely physical activity–think back to your first day of riding and how sore you were… in fact for some who only get a week or two to ride a year, you might remember just how much that first day back on your board can really whip your ass? It’s obvious that personal fitness plays a crucial role in every aspect of snowboarding, from how long your day of riding lasts to maintaining an injury-free season.

First Chair, Last Call

Some of us don’t get to ride as much as others, which means when the chance to snowboard does come around it has to be from first chair in the morning to last call in the resort bar later that night. If you don’t prepare your legs with exercises like squats or activities like skateboarding, they are going to burn out in a couple of days. Even just standing in place and jumping as high as you can 20 times a day can make an enormous impact on leg strength.

What about how winded you can get just riding a snowboard down a hill? High altitude warnings dictate that at least one week after rising into mountain altitudes you should limit physical activity. For those who only get a two-week snowboarding vacation each year, you don’t have one week.

A lot of people do not maintain their cardiovascular fitness, so when they go on a shred vacation they go from no exercise all year to a full-day of exertion at an altitude where they can’t draw as much oxygen from the air… then they pass out or worse. Swimming underwater, practicing how long you hold your breath, is an awesome way to grow accustom to optimizing the oxygen in your body and making the transition to higher altitudes easier on your lungs.

Balance is not so much how you manipulate your arms or legs, but more your core’s ability to keep things centered. Look at the “extreme gymnastics” seen above; those guys have their legs flailing about as though independent of their bodies. If you neglect your core muscles, it can be the difference between sliding a ten foot rail and sliding a 30 foot rail.

Your core also puts the umph into your spin tricks; the prewind and release to initiate spins are 100% core muscles, your arms only serve as weights thrown to hold the spins momentum. Otherwise your core serves to initiate and hold your turns, and it also helps keep you upright in general. The core and the legs are two musclegroups you can’t neglect if you want to snowboard.

Brace For Impact

Nobody, and I mean nobody doesn’t fall. When you start snowboarding you fall a hell of a lot, and once you’ve got the basics you’ll fall learning learning every new skill from there on out; it’s almost guaranteed. In fact many, including myself, have come to understand that snowboarding is nothing more than controlled falling. And as we fall our natural instinct is always hands first. This is why the upper body cannot be taken out of the equation.

When you take an impact to your wrist or arms, the muscles and ligaments tense very quickly to oppose the blow. Stiff, unused ligaments are susceptible to snapping when that quick tension occurs. If you aren’t taking the time to at least stretch your upper body you are inviting serious injury.

In terms of bone breaking, the force of impact is primarily absorbed by muscle and what bite the muscles don’t take off transfers into our bones. So, doing even a few pushups a day helps to keep the muscles in your chest and arms strong enough to avoid minor fractures and breaks.

So say you get yourself into some twisted position and not breaking something seems impossible; stretching often improves flexibility and lessens the likelihood of an injury from being put into an awkward position… it’s how contortionists do what they do!

Bear Mountain, Is It Time for Change?

bear-mountain-time-for-changeIt’s been almost 60 years since Snow Summit paved it first trails. In that time the resort has seen its share of difficulties; from an endless struggle against sparse precipitation to holding onto and building on an already small customer base as resorts like Mountain High entered the competitive ring, Snow Summit and Big Bear Mountain Resorts have always managed to serve Southern California the best riding conditions the area has to offer.

In the 1990s, Snow Summit recognized snowboarding as their most promising investment and the company began putting in hours to innovate and pave the way for terrain parks as we know them today.

It worked!

Bear Mountain has built its reputation on its parks, enticing riders from some of the snowiest areas in the world to come to sunny, dry Southern California. They are the only all-mountain terrain park, meaning from the tippie top to the very bottom you can shred everything from jumps, to rails, to pipes in one smooth run.

And the park sure has gotten busy! Everyone wants to get out there and start doing those sick tricks they see in movies and magazines, and Bear has always prided itself on having something in the park for everyone. So now there is a new problem:

If you’ve ever had the opportunity, you know how fun it can be to flow through Bear’s park–and also how dangerous. Not dangerous as in, “snowboarding is inherently dangerous”, though.

As more and more unskilled–or at least uneducated–riders make their way into the park the dangers of snowboarding at Bear Mountain have escalated to new heights

It definitely isn’t a bad thing to encourage progression, but nowadays a lap at Bear or Snow Summit is almost guaranteed to include riders climbing all over jumps, weaving in and out of rails like it was a slalom course, or sneaking up to rest on landings (perhaps the most dangerous thing you can do in a park).

The other day I was forced to pull out of a kicker line when a skier and his son parked themselves right behind the lip. Where they were, the ramp hid them almost completely. I knew there were riders lined up behind me and the situation was set up to turn fatal, so I approached the dad to get him off the lip.

“Hey man, what are you doing? People come flying off these things, you can’t just stop on the landing like that.” I explained.

I absolutely love Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. Nothing beats the feeling of a clean lap through their parks, hitting feature, after feature, after feature, after feature. That’s why I hate having to say this, but things are simply getting too dangerous, and I think it might be time for a change.

Whether that change comes in a more structured park layout or a serious campaign to enlighten their customers about park safety and etiquette, right now we have a company with an all-mountain terrain park telling everyone to come ride it but not how to do so safely.

Bear Mountain, I sincerely hope you will make park safety your biggest focus going into 2010/2011.

What is the Best Single Wall Aluminum Softball Bats

what-is-the-best-single-softball-batAluminum bats can be made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloys. They’re also made with single wall and double wall barrels. Aluminum bats have used better mixes of alloys to achieve a stronger and thinner bat wall. .

Currently, the bat design and overall higher quality of strength materials used in making such aluminum bats made the bats better in all aspects.

The high quality materials used and the modern design made the aluminum bats lighter and thus players could achieve greater speeds whenever they hit the ball! Thinner barrel walls also made the bats achieve a trampoline effect, making the batted balls soar with a greater distance!

Often times single-walled aluminum bats tend to have higher bending stiffness. This would mean that it would have a stinging sensation. Thus more often, aluminum bats usually have a thick and comfy padding on the grip along the handle which really reduces the pain from the stinging sensation!

Aluminum bats feel more balanced in the batter’s hands because its weight distribution is more even and controllable, this is why aluminum bats are known for an easier swing weight!

But then again, aluminum bats are known to dent over time, but despite this, it really still is durable and it’s going to take a while to pretty much have a dent on your bat!

And if you don’t know what swing weight means, it means “This describes the ease in controlling the swing, and whether it feels balanced or end-loaded (often referred to as “top heavy”).

Miken IZZY

Miken IZZY is one hell of a psycho bat! Why? Well here’s why!

This slowpitch softball bat has a one piece design and end-loaded weight scheme with a really stiff handle suited for everyone especially the power hitters! The time that we tried this baby on, it really lived up to its name, one of our power hitters swung it for the first time and man the ball just kept flying on and on!

So you could be asking “what makes it so special?”, it’s just that this bat is certified to be a 100 Comp one-piece with the latest 750X HPI trademark technology! Basically this means that this Bat would really be a psycho in the field but if you really want to know the meaning of these stuff then here it goes! (Don’t worry, our researchers already did the researching for you!)
100 Comp essentially means: The Miken’s legendary performance and durability.

Miken Izzy  the approval stamp of USSSA, NSA and ISA so feel free to use it! All in all, this is really a great bat for you, whether you’re a hardcore power hitter or just a casual hitter, this bat will surely make you say “WOW”!


The COMBAT MAXFP210 is a great bat for everyone! This bat is made with 100% composite material and a 1-Piece Design, a guarantee that you would feel and play like a pro!

This bat is made with Precision Molding Technology, Variable Stiffness Profile, Seamless Construction and Handle Isolation Technology! And seriously, the time that we tested this bat, we were witnesses to the brand new technology that made us feel like a true pro when we swung this bat!

The incredible design combined with the new Handle Isolation Technology ensures the best quality of gaming you can have! Even after all those hits that you’d be making throughout your games, your hand would still be good as new because you would feel really less sting because of the dampening effect that reduces the vibrations of the bat whenever the bat hits the ball, which means that your hand would just be the same from start to finish!

The best part of it all, we really saw that this bat performs really well without sacrificing anything in return! You can expect a really great feel whenever you’re batting, a really good grip when you’re holding it, a really good swing whenever you’re swinging it and you can really be sure this bat would be durable for a really long time for you to use because of the material and design it has!

So if you want a bat that has a really large sweet spot, a really nice grip, a really nice feel with a guarantee that it would really give you that maximum trampoline effect while really reducing the sting, then you should really choose the COMBAT MAXPF210!

Top 3 Single Softball Bats for Ever

Best Single Wall softball bats: these are bats that are made with a barrel that has only a single wall. Well, what this means basically is that the bat is light-weight and it gives a good trampoline effect. The best single wall bats have the thinnest walls possible. Thinner is better as long as the alloy used stands up to the collision effect.

Top 3 Single Softball Bats for ever



Worth SBLGSW Legit

And last but certainly not the least, for everyone out there who wants hit balls all day with ease, Worth offers its one-of-a-kind 2016 Legit Single wall Alloy Slowpitch Softball Bat.

This bat also has a single wall design, a Legit alloy which is a high-strength aerospace alloy that maximizes the trampoline effect and maximizes its durability, and this bat also boasts a true-to-weight feeling because of its balanced swing profile!

Hitters will enjoy a high level of fast bat speed every day, all day! And yes, our team really loves this bat because it’s not all for show, it’s not a bat that’s all talk, it’s certainly a bat made to make you proud every single swing that you swing!

We’ve tested this bat for a really long time and you’ll be glad that our team really liked it! It had really had a large sweet spot and the legit alloy really made it stiff which in return made our team looked like we’ve been training for a long time because all the majority of the balls we’ve hit were soaring like the ones in the pro leagues!

And it’s nice to know that this bat has been approved for use in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF and all other associations so you could use it with comfort since you know you could use it for tournaments and such! And don’t worry, it’s hot out of the wrapper too, so this is really an awesome bat!

Anderson Bat Company Flex

Introducing the Anderson Bat Company Flex Truly one of a kind bat that offers you simply one of the best performances out there!

This bat was designed to be balanced in speed, in control and in power! Truly a magnificent delight for us players out there!

So why is it balanced in speed, control and power? Simple, that’s all thanks to the Anderson Aerospace Alloy material and the one piece design that would be the reason why this bat is so durable and one of the best out there!

The Flex Slow Pitch Bat is made to give everyone the right amount of power (or more) and the right amount of speed (or more) thanks to the thin whip handle of the bat that would be able to generate the extra speed for that extra pop and distance whenever you would be able to hit the ball!

9 times out of 10, we’ve swung the bat with outstanding results! The ball really flew far and high, soaring throughout the field, and trust me, the feeling was awesome!

And even though we’ve played with the bat for quite some time now, our hands never did get any scratches nor any blisters again! That’s because the Flex Slow Pitch softball Bat has a plush padded spiral grip making you feel so comfortable whenever you hold that bat and man it really feels so good to the touch!

And lastly, this bat can be used straight out the wrapper and it’s also ASA, USSSA, ISA and NSA approved, so yeah, it really is a great bat and you should consider putting it in your choices!


If you want to have a bat that has unmatched performance and durability then this bat is for you! That’s right, Worth SBMAYD offers you only the best and here’s why!

Balance! This bat offers the most true-to-weight feel. Believe us, this bat really lives up to its promise! During the time that we tested this bat, we were so certain that it looked like a bat that was so heavy, but then when we tried it, we were so shocked to feel that it was so light weight!

Well, we think that this was because of the 100% composite barrel it has. Which means that this bat would be really light weight due to the material used in their manufacturing and for your information, light weight bats would mean you would be able to control your swing easier!

And because Worth SBMAYD is made out of Composite materials, this would mean that it would generate faster speeds while not generating a pinging sound whenever the ball hits it and if you’re skeptical about this, then don’t be because we have already been witnesses to such a thing and it really is a good feeling to experience such thing!

And if you’re scared that this bat would be useless if you’ve bought it then don’t’! It’s Approved by – ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF and all other associations!

So if you want a bat that’s already balanced in every aspect possible while being one of the best bats out there then we recommend you to choose this bat!

Where is Online Snowboard Lessons

The Internet is an amazingly versatile learning tool. You can find out how to do anything from build a house to play a guitar. So it comes as no surprise that we look to the internet hoping to find tips and information on how to improve our riding.

We’ve all looked to the Internet for trick tips or lessons at some point… so now you’ve seen all of the things in TWSnow’s trick-tip section, you’ve checked out all of the you-tube videos on “snowboard tips” and you’ve been taken to sites that blatantly demonstrate they probably don’t know what they are talking about.

Some of these may have proved helpful but probably not as much as you had hoped; snowboarding isn’t something just anybody can explain.

How do you know you are getting the right instruction from a truly qualified professional?

I’m going to spare you that headache. Stop your search now and just click to

Professional snowboarder and snowboard coach Nev Lapwood has the only truly legitimate online product that will properly illustrate the techniques and lessons to step up your riding.

Nev is a fully qualified snowboard coach having achieved certifications as a CASI level 1, 2, 3 and Course Evaluator in addition to being certified as a CSF Freestyle Coach. He coaches for several big name camps and instructor schools including the famous Camp of Champions summer snowboard camp.

I have been in touch with Nev and SnowboardAddiction since I started this website and I have watched his program evolve and grow. It was awesome one year ago when SnowboardAddiction offered complete and comprehensive instructional packages for both new riders looking to begin the sport and freestyle riders aiming to improve their game.

Now SnowboardAddiction offers the same packages in a variety of formats (DVD, iPod ready video, audio, and written manuals) with tons of bonuses including tuning tips and way to prep mentally and physically before attempting a progressive trick. Some packages now also include phone and webcam sessions with Nev, where you can show him your videos and photos for custom tips on improving your style and fine tuning your technique.

On top of all of that SnowboardAddiction has also launched a winter camp up in Whistler B.C., Canada for people who want to get the same stellar training hands on.

Did I mention lessons are now available in both regular and goofy? You won’t have to spend your time trying to mirror someone who’s natural stance is opposite yours. Here is the video above shot goofy:

My experience with this program got me to view my approach for progression in snowboarding in a whole new light.

In fact, the best thing I got out of it was not the new tricks but a new mindset. Anything in snowboarding is possible now because thanks to Nev’s insights I understand more about how to break down tricks, analyzing movements and using visualization to get over anxieties and produce results.